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5 Mindful Eating Tips to Improve Weight Loss

two plates of spaghetti, one large portion and one small portion

Losing weight can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Your weight loss journey can be one of major self-improvement and self-empowerment. You are in charge of your future, and at Island Weight Clinic we’d like to help guide you in your journey towards a healthier version of yourself. Here are a few mindful eating tips to assist you in improving your weight loss journey and possibly overall wellbeing:

Learn to be in Tune with Hunger and Satiety Cues - Learn to be in Tune with Hunger and Satiety Cues – If you feel you may be ‘out of tune’ with your body when it comes to telling when to eat, how much to eat, and when to stop eating, you’re not alone! It is actually very common among people who struggle with weight gain and weight loss. Here are some signals to look out for when you might be hungry: growling or rumbling in your stomach, stomach pangs, more advanced signals include feelings of lightheadedness or weakness. When you start feeling these signals, it is time to eat. It is also very important to be in tune with the signal of being satiated or full, this occurs when you feel like you have eaten enough food, before your stomach feels uncomfortable, “stretched”, or bloated. When you continue to eat after that point it is considered overeating, and will ultimately increase weight gain.

Chew Slower - Chew Slower – Many people don’t realize that digestion actually starts in the mouth while we are chewing! When we eat our food quickly, we tend to overeat, it takes approximately 20 minutes for our stomach to tell our brain that it is full. The slower you eat, the quicker your stomach will relay the message to your brain that you’ve eaten enough. Savor each and every flavor in the food, this will help to slow down your eating, and give your stomach the time it needs to relay the message to your brain.

Breathe and Relax - Due to our busy and active lifestyles, we tend to rush through eating, this is especially common in the U.S., compared to other countries. Take the time to slow down and get centered, you can do this by making sure to take a few slow, deep breaths before and during your meal. Make the atmosphere relaxing, light some candles, turn off the TV, and don’t go on your phone. If you can’t do this for all 3 meals of the day, make it a priority to at least do it for one.

Take Smaller Bites - Simple enough, just decreasing the size of your bite could encourage weight loss. You can try using a smaller spoon or fork as well. This may help lower your overall food intake.

Appreciate the Food You Eat - Taking the time to appreciate your food will assist you in being more in tune with your body and what you are eating. Think about the texture of the food: Is it crunchy or chewy? Is it sweet or spicy? Think about the entire process that took place for you to be able to eat that food, the farming, the cleaning, the shipping, the cooking and preparing, etc.

Here at Island Weight Clinic, we help the people of Melbourne, Merritt Island and surrounding areas move towards a healthier version of themselves, we look forward to assisting you on your journey. Contact us today.